Detective Pikachu helped me to feel real love for Pokémon

Many stories and positive reviews people do regard to Detective Pikachu, here you will find mine.

As Patricia said in her post for Polygon, how could anyone pick something so delicate as a Bulbasaur? “that cabbage”? The reality is that the features in every single Pokémon make them so adorable. It is not just about physical attraction, but about gestures, movements and how they communicate.
[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for the film] At the end of the film we could appreciate a Bulbasaur helping Tim Goodman (a novice Pokémon trainer looking for his missing father) with his Pikachu because the later was almost dying after an attack produced by a massive Torterra.

Did Bulbasaur kill the Torterra? No. Could Bulbasaur heal Pikachu? Of course, he couldn’t. So, what did he do? Easy, he ran away calling for more Pokémon of his kind, later all the herd came to help. Wait, all of them cute as the first one, with shiny and big eyes, that moment was expected of course but so lovely.

Detective Pikachu is an urban fantasy mystery film directed by Rob Letterman, director for Monsters vs Aliens and the remake of Goosebumps. Now he evolved himself as a director of a joint venture production with huge production houses as Warner Bros Pictures, Legendary Pictures, The Pokémon Company and Toho Co. He did absolutely well.

OK, any negative point? Sadly yes, the film has a quite lot of predictable scenes as Pikachu becomes in Tim’s missed father and the rich investor and entrepreneur as the bad boy in the film, blah blah.

Anyway, as I told you, these lovely creatures will make you laugh, charm and worry at them, then you won’t complain at all. Go and watch it, is absolutely worth and please, if you don’t have someone else for going… go by your own. Be selfish and enjoy of quality time with yourself; thank me later.

Don’t miss Rob Letterman interview about all this production that surely we will remember for long-time.


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